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Rav Mojo

Worlds collide when East meets West with a fresh face in the Hip Hop Underground with the global debut of Rav Mojo. Born and raised in New Yorks Strong Island, now transplanted into Los Angeles; rapper, producer, engineer Rav Mojo unleashes his unique thought provoking style to awaken minds. Lyrically straying away from the typical “bling bling” culture and redundancy of typical rappers today, Rav Mojo is setting the stage to bring something fresh, different and simply at another level. Son of Heavy Metal Musician and Actor Evan Seinfeld from Brooklyn’s Biohazard and Attika 7, and HBO’s OZ respectively, Rav was born into music, hence the title of his debut mixtape “Legacies”. “Music has always been in my blood, whether I’m producing, writing, recording, making videos, or just freestyling, It’s the only time I am truly alive. The rest of the time I feel like we, well most of us are just existing. The intention of my music is to bend young minds and get people thinking beyond their typical day to day, examine the dark side, but somehow, in their own way, make it positive!” Look for bombs dropping in 2015 from next generation rapper Rav Mojo.

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